Hi, I have for sale 2 ferrets, boy (Bruiser/white) and girl (Jezabelle/black) both fixed and descented, both are 1.5 yrs old. Very good with kids and other pets. To go with them, I have their 5 foot cage, they are currently only in the bottom half, water bottle, food dish, 2 litter boxes, hammock, pouch, pet carrier, 2 harnesses with leashes (plus I will give you 2 additional harness and leash sets), almost half a bag of food (xlarge bag), Super yard to play in while you clean the cage. I would love to keep them, but my job and classes take up too much of my time and its not going to get any less busy. So its not really fair to them. They need to go together (so please do not ask to split them up), I would like them to go to an experienced owner or someone whose owned ferrets. Make them happy by making them a part of your family! :)

$300.00 Firm!