I have two baby crested geckos for sale. Both are unsexed due to their ages. They have been raised on Repashy's crested gecko diet and we've used paper towel as a substrate in their homes. We're asking $50 for the babies, or $80 for a pair.
They are a dark tan with a weak chevron back/mild tiger kind of pattern to them. They hatched late August of this year (22nd and 24th respectively), making them a little over three months old. They are alert and feisty in a baby gecko kind of way.
Their parents are captive bred and I have included pictures of them for comparison.
The babies do not come with a terrarium, nor any kind of furniture. The pictures were taken today.
We will however include a couple weeks worth of crested gecko diet that they have been raised on, as well as contact information from our supplier of said diet. We will also be available if you have questions about the geckos down the road, we do like to know how they turn out.