Welcome to JOSEPH'S SPIDER KINGDOM! Raising young scorplings is often the most rewarding aspect of the hobby for many keepers. It is also very easy to care for scorpling. It is more enjoyable to grow your scorpion yourself from scorpling to adult. So adopt a young scorpion today. A care sheet also comes with the purchase of the scorpion.

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7 Babycurus jacksoni ( Rusty Thick Tail Scorpion) 1" $45 each

Range: Eastern Africa

Type: Semi-Arborial

Communal: Yes

Growth Size: Up to 4"

Growth Rate: Medium

Temperature: 80-85F & Humidity: 60-70%

Temperment: Semi- Agressive

Venom: 2 ( scorpion venom is rated out of 1-5 , 5 being fatal)

Deit: Crickets, meal worms & superworms

Housing: Adults can be housed in a large critter keeper, 5 gallon tank.

Substrate type: 3" of plantion soil (Exo-Terra)

More info: B. jacksoni is a great species for the beginner. Their bright orange color , communality, & ease of breeding make them a fun species to keep. Young should be kept separated until after they reach 4th instar to reduce cannibalism seen while this species is young.

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